Eco Living Offgrid – TV Antenna Installation Tips For The Best Reception

Cable TV has become quite expensive over the last few years. Most people choose to install indoor antennas to get the best reception for over-the-air TV. Here are some of the best TV antenna installation tips to guarantee the best reception.

1. Locate The Broadcast Towers In Your Area 

Before you buy the indoor antenna and install it, you need to identify where the broadcast towers are located in your area. If in doubt you can always contact a local services provider here. That way, you can understand how powerful the antenna needs to be to pick up the right stations. You can input your home address online and find out the direction and distance of the broadcast towers in your area. Once you determine where they are located, you can install your antenna facing the same direction for maximum reception.

2. Placement Of The Antenna 

If you want the best reception, you need to place your antenna in a window or near it. If you reduce the obstructions between your antenna and the broadcast towers, you can count on excellent reception. Note that, ceilings and thick walls are considered obstructions. Of course, there shouldn’t be a major obstruction outside such as a tree or a neighbor’s house for the best results. 

Also, when you place the antenna on the window, the white side should face outside to avoid absorbing too much heat from the sun. Additionally, you need to secure tape on all the four corners of the window, especially with a flat antenna to prevent warping that might block the reception. 

3. The Height Of Placement 

If you place your antenna very high, you will get the best reception. As a result, outdoor antennas receive better reception than indoor ones. Make sure you place the antenna as high as possible in the room but it should be by a window or near an outside facing wall if possible. You can place it in the attic or on a higher story with a longer cable for the best results.

4. Stay Away From Metal 

Placing your antenna near metallic surfaces will cause interference with the digital signs thus blocking your reception. For instance, if you have installed a metal roof in your home, placing the antenna in the attic might not prove useful. The same goes with metal burglar bars or bug screen on your windows.  Make sure there is enough distance between your antenna and the metal objects to guarantee good reception. 

With these simple antenna installation tips, you should enjoy the best reception in your home effortlessly.